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Thursday, November 29

Nominate Your Favorite Blog for Writer's Digest 101 Top Websites for Writers

Every year, Writer's Digest puts out its 101 Top Websites for Writers. Considering how many fantastic blogs and sites are out there, it must be hard to choose just 101.

Right now you can nominate your favorite blog. Just email and put "101 Websites" in the subject line. Then tell them why you think that blog deserves to be part of next year's list.

Give a blogger a thrill. Nominate today!


  1. Naturally I had to nominate you, Janice. You still manage to post exactly what I need every time. I'm not sure where you got this super power, but I'm glad you did!

  2. Thanks so much guys! I have to say, I'd be over the moon to make that list. :) It's like a blog bestseller list, lol.