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Sunday, August 5

Quick Housekeeping Notes

Hello all! Just a quick heads up to say I'm back home finally, and as it typically happens when I travel, I came home with a nasty cold. I've spent the last several days in bed, but it looks like I'm on the road to recovery now (as long as I have lots of hot tea to ward off this horrific sore throat). Lots of folks have commented, Tweeted, and e-mailed me over the last ten days and I'm trying to get back to everyone now. I'm just moving slowly while I recover, is all.

I'm not ignoring you guys, I promise (grin).

Real Life Diagnostics will resume next Saturday. I tried to do one this morning, but my brain is still foggy and I couldn't concentrate. The writer deserves my full attention so I'll hold off on those until I'm well.