Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Hear About You!

I'd just be a gal who sits around and makes stuff up all day if it weren't for my readers. You guys do so much to help promote and support me, so to say THANK YOU, I'd like to turn the blog over to you. Promote your blogs and websites so I (and others here if they'd like) can link to them, share your Twitter handles so we can follow you back, and share any books or shorts or whatever it is you'd like folks to know about you and your writing.

It's your day to talk about you.


  1. Thanks Janice! You're in my Google Reader and just saw this pop in!

    I'm Angela Quarles and I'm polishing my final draft of a time-travel romance featuring the historical personage Ada Lovelace as a secondary character. I blog about writing and general geeky stuff at and my twitter handle is @angelaquarles

    I'm hoping to start shopping for agents in the Spring :) I'm having a lot of fun with revisions (no, really!) and your blog has helped a lot, thank you!

  2. Your blog has always been soooo helpful, love sharing it with my Tweeple.

    I'm (@thinkStory) on Twitter, and my site for my editing services is I work mostly with authors who are self-publishing, and I love helping make that dream come true.

    My own writing is featured at I'm hoping to publish two novels in 2012.

    Here's to a great year, everyone!
    Laura Matthews

  3. Thanks for the opportunity, Janice! I also follow your blog through Google Reader. :)

    I enjoy reading your tips about writing. Especially when they agree with what I think. ;)

    My name is Amanda L. Davis, I'm a 'teen' author. I started writing at 15 years old and published my first novel with a traditional publisher at 19 years old. My father is an author and likes to edit my work.

    My favorite genre to write is scifi/fantasy. I also enjoy a good dystopian.

    I've read your first book, Shifter, but haven't read the next two yet. They're on my amazon wishlist, waiting for me to have funds. =)

  4. This is one of those times I get annoyed at blogger for not making urls into hyperlinks. *copy-pastes peoples' blogs* Oh, internet, you have turned me into such a sloth that seven keystrokes is too much....

    Ironically enough, I found your blog because you linked to mine ( I love following the link trail and finding something wonderful on the other end. :) Not an active commenter here, but a very avid reader.
    Where reviews, writing prompts, and any advice I have (mostly about writing ;) ) gets tossed. The poor thing has been neglected the past month (I don't think I even NEED to make lame excuses about that...) but I'm getting back to it in January.

    Where I post the same stuff as on my blog, only within 140 characters.

  5. What a nice idea Janice!

    I'm Elizabeth O. Dulemba and I'm a children's book author/illustrator/speaker. I'm also a budding novelist and am working on my 3rd. (Rough draft written during NaNoWriMo.) My site is .

    I'm also known for my coloring pages - I create a new one, free for download on my blog every Tuesday and have for over four years now. The collection has grown quite large and can be found at

    Wishing everybody a prolific and successful 2012!

  6. I have a writing blog where I discuss various aspects of writing fiction: Moody Writing.

    Also follow me on twitter and I'll foloow you back: @mooderino

    And I also have a site where I collate various posts on the craft of writing from around the web (often featuring posts by J. Hardy): The Funnily Enough

  7. Thanks Janice!

    My first book was published at age 13 - self published in the UK then traditionally across Europe. These days, I write YA and post reviews of YA novels alongside stories from my Scottish life. My blog is here: and my twitter is @emaree.

  8. I'm days away from completing my final proofreading of an amateur sleuth mystery novel and starting to query it after pooching my first attempt at querying.

    I'm also starting a new job on Monday as Chief Executive Officer of Connor's House, a non-profit that supports families with children suffering from terminal and long-term illnesses. We are starting a capital campaign to build a facility to provide non-acute care for the ill children to help the family take a respite from the 24/7 burden of care. You can reach me at if you would like to be involved.

    You can also follow me on twitter at

    Thank you, Janice, for the chance to blather on about myself!

  9. What a wonderfully considerate post for the end of the year. I'm not at work today so I've spent most of my day just pottering and browsing through blogs and up popped yours on my list.

    I am a crime writer and hold aspirations to be published crime writer. You can find me blogging at http;// and Tweeting the day away at @rebeccajbradley

    I look forward to finding new blogs and tweeters.

    Have a great new year Janice.

  10. What a fun idea, especially since it sounds like we're all looking back/looking forward with the new year! The good part is, I'm now labeled a thyroid cancer survivor!

    And after some interest this year, and some major revisions, I'll be querying my YA historical ghost story novel once again in a few weeks. Then I'll pick up my WIP, a YA urban fantasy, and get back into that.

    I blog at Angelic Muse (it's if I didn't link it correctly) and am on twitter @angelicarjaxon. Would love to say hi if you stop by! (I return comments--it's only polite)

    Have a happy new year, everyone!

  11. Thanks for this opportunity! I'm Serena Casey, and I write women's fiction/clean or sweet romance. I have one book available at the usual outlets now, "To Finish the Dance," and am hoping to finish my 2011 NaNo novel before too long.

    My site is but I haven't had much time to flesh it out yet. Too many things going on at once! My Twitter ID is @AuthorSerenaC.

    Also looking for Likes on my Facebook page so I can get rid of this awful URL:

    I subscribe to your blog and really enjoy all the helpful info you post! Someday I hope to help others as you do. Writing is one of the most exciting parts of my life.

  12. Hi Janice! I write inspirational contemporary African-American romance. Whew! That's a lot of words. I'd love to shorten it but if I left out any one, you'd have a less clear idea about my genre. I'm open to suggestions. :) I'm about 50% through my wip after completing NaNo (then taking off the whole month of December.)

    Anywho, I've blogged about books and writing for the past five years at On Saturdays, I post a roundup of interesting book/writing-related posts from around the web, Reader/Writer Tidbits. I've included links to several of your articles since I began reading your blog earlier this year.

    I've been on a hunt for new blogs to frequent so thanks for this opportunity to connect with some other writers.

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  14. I meant to include my twitter handle: @pwoodside.

  15. Awesome stuff guys! The writing community is filled with wonderful folks, and I love how we all jump out to support each other. And it's good to get to know a little more about each other :) You never know who you might meet or even click with.

  16. I'm Annie. I write YA fiction, mostly fantasy.

    I blog about writing, books, and general randomness at The Epic, The Awesome, and The Random.

  17. Thank you.

    I'm known as C0 (or Chihuahua0) on the Internet. I'm a teenager, and I'm on the 3rd draft of Manifestation Files, a project I had conceived in May. It's a YA Urban Fantasy which is a tale of a normal high schooler and an exchange student, who fight spirits of human emotions. However, there are more than a few problems among them, especially from the seemly sheepish exchange student...

    My blog is: I just settled on the format, but basically I state my thoughts on various parts of life from a young writer's perspective. I also have a weekly round-up of articles.

    My twitter is: @chihuahuazero.

    Oh, and I'm the recently appointed Forum Herald of the Writer's Block sub-forum of TV Tropes. If you like those kinds of sites, feel free to join. It's a great community.

  18. Hello and thank you, Janice! I've been following your site for a while. It's jam packed full of awesome information and advice on writing.

    I'm Suzie F. and I love to read and write children's literature. I've been working on an upper MG novel for amost 2 years, but feel the need to distance myself from it for a while. I'm currently developing an idea for a YA ghost story that I plan to start writing in the new year.

    I can't wait to check out everyone else's blogs. What a great way to make new connections! Happy New Year to you all!

    my blog is:

  19. Thanks for this invitation, Janice! My name is Elisabeth Grace Foley and I write historical fiction, particularly Westerns. I e-published my first book, The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories (a collection of seven Western short stories) a couple of months ago. Right now I'm working on a historical mystery novella (or novelette, I'm not exactly sure which).

    My blog is at I blog mostly about writing, reading, books, history and such. And I'm on Twitter at @ElisabethGFoley.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  20. Thanks Janice for allowing us to connect in this way! My name is Amy Parker and I write YA novels. I am currently querying my novel, The Silo, about a girl who's grown up in an apocalyptic cult and the three months leading up to the possible end of the world.

    My blog is:
    My twitter handle is:

    Can't wait to get to know all of you!

  21. What a fantastic way to end the year! Thank you, Janice.

    While I don't always comment, I regularly share your posts with my writing group,

    I'm Cameron, and my writing (fiction and non) is at I published two short stories on Smashwords this year (, and am amidst drafts for two novels. Mostly I write character-driven romantic fiction, but I dabble a little in other genres, too, including Twitter (@camerongarriepy).

  22. Yours was one of the first ten blogs I found a year ago when I started my quest for writing resources. It is one of only four I still visit and is the one I visit the most. A big gold MVB (most-valuable-blogger) star for you, Janice!

    I don't generally get to comment (on the 2012 to do list) but I do read everything posted here and always share it with my twibe. I almost always have a browser tab opened to one of your archive articles as well.

    My name is Gene (yep, really) and I'm an unpublished (but not for long) Alternate History/Earth writer (adding sci-fi, paranormal and horror to the mix) writer. I do a regular series on my blog that runs alongside this called Designing from Bones where I explore real history to find useful story elements. I'm on Twitter as @GeneLempp and my site is

    Thanks for a great 2011, Janice.

  23. What a lovely idea, Janice! So kind of you! And just so you know, I love your blog and read it religiously, even if I don't comment very often :)

    I am a picture book writer, primarily, interested in spreading my wings a bit and trying for a YA novel. My website is I run a blog for parents, teachers, librarians, readers, and writers at with Would You Read It Wednesday, a weekly feature where writers can try out there short pitches and get reader feedback and whoever has the best pitch of the month gets read by an editor, and Perfect Picture Book Fridays where we post highly recommended picture books along with links to resources for parents and teachers, among other things!

    Happy New Year to you! I'm looking forward to all your blog has to offer in the coming year :)

  24. Janice I love your books and your blog.

    I'm Rena J. Traxel. I'm a writer, a poet, and a humourist. I'm working on my debut novel for tweens. You can check out my work at

  25. Thanks so much, Janice!

    I am an author, as of last year :-), with one self-published science fiction novel, Twin-Bred, available as a paperback and ebook. The sequel to that novel is waiting its turn as I revise another novel, tentatively titled Reflections, which could be classified as general or literary fiction. I have also published the first of a series of stories concerning human cloning, "The Baby," free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon.

    My website is at I have an author Facebook page at I also have a (somewhat neglected) blog, Looking Around, at My Twitter handle is WordsmithWyle.

    Happy New Year to all!

  26. Thank you for this opportunity Janice. It's great to know there are so many other like-minded writers out there :)

    I'm a South African living in Finland, which makes my life interesting and complicated. My name is Suzanne van Rooyen - all my works across genres can be found under this name.
    I'm a freelance writer and author with a recently published debut cyberpunk novel called 'Dragon's Teeth' now available at the usual outlets. On the fiction side I dabble in literary but concentrate on speculative fiction. As a non-fiction writer I spend most of my time writing music and travel articles. You can find me here: (blog included on website) or on Facebook here:

    Drop me a note at my blog or Facebook if you found my page via Janice ;)

    Wishing everyone a stupendous New Year and an exceptional 2012! Thanks again Janice for a great blog :)

  27. Janice,

    Thanks for such a kind opportunity. I follow your blog via Google Reader and value your insights and wisdom.

    I blog about reading, writing and whatever else happens to be on my mind at Twitter is @kayelamwrites and facebook is also kayelamwrites.

    Please let me know if you visit one of my sites because of this post.

    I hope 2012 is your best year yet.


  28. Thank you for this opportunity, what a lovely idea. :-) I have been really enjoying your site via my Google Reader.

    I'm a homeschooling mother living in NZ. I have published two books of poetry and am working on a novel. Well, two novels, as of yesterday :-) I'm also supposed to be doing a book of stories and photographs but, well, life is busy.

    You can find me here:

  29. Hi Janice,

    I'm a new subscriber to your blog. I've learned a lot from the posts.

    I'm LaShaunda Hoffman promoter of books. I have online magazine - SORMAG -

    I'm always looking for authors to promote.

    I'm also an aspiring author I write Christian fiction (adult and young adult)

  30. Thank you, Janice for your excellent blog.

    I'm a children's author from Brisbane, Australia. I've had three books published and short stories and a school play in magazines.

    It's been interesting reading about everyone's background. And a special hi to Sarah Elwell 'Across The Ditch", Kiwi 'cousin' New Zealand.

    If anyone wants to check out my writer's life blog, here it is.
    I shall follow you all on Twitter once New Year celebrations are out of the way.

    Have a great 2012, all you writers! :)

  31. My name is Angela Foster and I am a memoir writer and teacher. I have a blog where I post short, writing tips at I'd love to hear from other readers of your great blog!

  32. Cool, I enjoy reading this blog. My name is Najela and I blog over at, but I haven't had much to say lately. I'm currently working on a graphic novel script and I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the year, then launch a kickstarter campaign to get it produced.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  33. Well, I published my first pro-short story this year, and things are looking pretty good with novels. I blog at, and my Twitter is @mkhutchins. It's interesting to see what everyone else is up to!

  34. Thanks, Janice! I just finished The Shifter and loved it. I just finished polishing up my novel, Triskeleon, and will start querying next year. My blog is The Writer Librarian and commenters on the most recent entry have a chance to win a free ebook. My website is near completion, and still working out last minute kinks on contact boxes, etc. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!

  35. You might remember my Blogger tag from your discussion of whether writing can be art or if it's simply a commercial product from back in October.

    Well, starting next week, I'm going to argue my opinion on that on my blog since that post of yours gave me a lot to think about. I warn you, I'm pretty cynical about Western art :)

    Ah, about me? I come from an Art/Marketing/Animation background, which probably accounts for most of that cynicism towards Western art.

    I've just started querying. I write YA, stretching from contemporary all the way into fantasy, but I write my own worlds and am not all that interested in magic. I like unreliable narrators and self-destructive characters. I think I've been most influenced, as a writer, by Edgar Allen Poe and Banana Yoshimoto, and I love anything fairy-tale/myth related.

  36. I've been lurking on your blog for a few months now but haven't left a comment yet. I picked up your book because of your name :) There aren't a lot of Janices out there. But once I read Shifter, I had to read the rest. My 12 year old son has been reading them too. (And for him to read a book with girl characters is saying a lot.) My blog is
    Now I'm off to check out some of these other blogs. Thanks for the chance to share.

  37. My name's Joe and when I'm not writing, I teach high school math. My novel VANISHING ACT is currently being shopped around to all the big houses, while I try to figure out just what I'm going to follow it up with, whether it sells or not. I blog at for about six readers or so. It gets lonely. :)

  38. Janice, you're awesome for going open mic on this. Thank you, for the fan spotlight and for always providing great information with your blog!

    My name is Sean Roney and I write scifi and fantasy. Links to my novella and short stories, as well as my news and rants, can be found on my blog at:

    On Twitter, I'm @seanroney

    Happy New Year everyone!

  39. I've been talking about Showing versus Telling in my weekly posts at Write Like a Pro!:

    I'll also be announcing my latest release, romantic suspense (for adults) written under the name Kris Bock within a few days. It's called Whispers in the Dark.

  40. So many from all over, that's awesome. I love how the web can bring folks together. I have a lot of blogs to go check out now ;)

    Angelaquarles, good luck on those edits and with your querying!

    Laura, I know what you mean about helping the dream. One of the reasons I do this blog :)

    Amanda, published at 19, very cool! Glad you liked The Shifter, and thanks :)

    Katherine, I'm with you on the links. So annoying. :)

    Elizabeth, your coloring pages are awesome :)

    Mooderino, good to meet you, and thanks for the links :)

    E.Maree, another young published gal, way to go.

    Nathan, good luck on the new job! Sounds like a wonderful organization.

    Rebecca, sounds like a fun way to spend the day. :) Nice to meet you!

    Angelica, grats on being a survivor! That's awesome.

    Serena, good luck with the book and the revisions.

    Patricia, that is a mouthful :) Probably romance works for most cases, hehe. Break out the big gun when talking to other romance folks who know all the subgenres.

    Annie, yay, another YA fantasy writer :) Can't have too m any of those.

    CO, grats on the forum appointment!

    Suzie F, Happy New Year, and good luck on those novels.

    Elisabeth, wow a woman writing westerns, you don't see that much. Very cool. Grats on the sale!

    Amy, good luck on that novel. It sounds cool.

    Cameron, best of luck with your short stories.

    Gene, aw thanks! That series sound cool. I'll have to go check that out for sure.

    Susanna, pitch day sounds like a great idea! How generous of you to help folk out like that.

    Rena, thanks! Best of luck on your novel.

    Karen, sounds like you've been busy! Best of luck on your projects.

    Xan, South Africa to Finland? That's quite a change. Grats and good luck on your cyberpunk novel!

    Kay, I'll be visiting all the sites folks post here :) I hope others do too.

    Sarah, sounds busy indeed. All that and homeschooling? However do you find the time!

    LaShaunda, welcome to the blog!

    Sheryl, I love seeing where everyone is from and what they're doing. All over the world, yet we all share the same hopes and dreams. It's nice isn't it?

    Angela F, nice to meet you!

    Najela, good luck on your graphic novel! Hope Kickstarter helps out there.

    MK, grats! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on those novels.

    The Writer Librarian, Aw, thanks ;) Best of luck on the upcoming queries.

    1000th Monkey, I remember you :) Blogs are great for arguing opinions, so good luck there. Hope you get a great debate going.

    Janice, might I say, great name! (grin) Glad you and your son like the books :) And thanks for de-lurking to come say hi!

    Joe, hopefully you'll get some more readers now. I'll think good thoughts for your novel. Hope to have some good news for 2012 there.

    Sean, aw, thanks. It's been fun seeing what everyone is up to.

    Chris, oo grats in the new book. That's awesome.

  41. Hi Janice,

    The Other Side of the Story is one of my favorite writing blogs. I make sure to check it out half a dozen or so times a week. Really good stuff here.

    I am currently working on two writing projects and planning out a third. I write about faeries and not the kind with wings. I have a blog called "Pixies Don't Have Wings" in which I discuss all sorts of faerie folks. The address is

    My twitter handle is @BuffyMArmstrong

    Looking forward to your new posts in 2012.


  42. This is very generous of you. We know you're busy, so, thank you very sincerely. :)

    My blog:

    twitter: @Laura_the_Wise

    If I get enough interest, I'm also planning to start 2 critique groups in 2012, one for teen writers and one for the over-20's. Which will be me soon (ugh).

    Happy New Year!

  43. Happy New Year Janice and thank you for this offer.

    My name is Heather Marsten, I'm on Facebook and also maintain a blog on Xanga:

    This blog contains notes from Bible studies I attend. I sit under the teaching of an incredible pastor. It is reaching people around the world and soon I will reach 100,000 hits.

    I wrote a book on Nehemiah and was told that, since I'm not a pastor, I didn't have the platform to support it, but the publisher heard my story and suggested I should write a memoir as my story is interesting.

    I'm almost finished with the rough draft of Tell Me What He Did, which is a healing journey from childhood abuse. My father sexually molested me from the age of 8 to 15 with my mother's full knowledge. As a young adult I rebelled by a wild lifestyle and spent many years in the occult and also saw many therapists, but nothing helped. I met a pastor about ten years ago who helped me to find real healing and the love of the Father. My goal is to help people who have been hurt by their past or spent years in the occult find encouragement and healing.

    I will be creating a blog for this book. I want to have a platform set up before I contact agents and I figure the year it will take to edit will be a good time to begin this. I am always open to suggestions and ideas because I am not great at marketing myself..

    Have a wonderful and productive new year.


  44. What a wonderful thing to do for your fans! I'm Marcia Richards and I blog at about how strong, sexy and smart women are, and about my Life List Club and the benefits of setting and striving toward goals. I also write lists about almost anything that might be of value to my readers...sometimes quirky, sometimes not. I will be publishing my 20th century historical series and an anthology of short stories this year. Watch my blogsite for more info over the coming year.
    Thanks for the opportunity to promote myself and in turn I'll be promoting you!

  45. I'm a new follower, so perhaps placing this comment is a bit cheeky, seeing as your reasoning for doing this was to give something back to your readers who have been with you and helping you with promotion and such. I'll let you make the call!

    Never the less, Fanatic for fiction ( is my relatively new blog where I just ramble about my readings, my writings, and anything else I think the universe might find vaguely interesting.

    I would say that for the opportunity to promote myself I will return the favour, but as my blog only has one follower as of right now, I don't think it would do much good!

    Thanks for the chance though!

    Sarah x @Woffles92

  46. Ah, Janice, you're the best. Thank YOU!

    I have a blog called The Reviews News here. I'm on Twitter @JustJuliHelms, and you can always find me stalking books on Goodreads via Julianna Helms. :)

    I'm planning on querying my MS soon, except I can't write a good query to save my life (Janice knows), LOL! I'm working on it, though. Hopefully this will work out like the hula-hoop did for me (I totally sucked at it, but one day I just picked it up and nailed it. No idea what/how the heck it happened.)

    That's all! I already linked your website on my blog for centuries, Janice, LOL! But seriously, this site is a goldmine of information that every single aspiring AND published author should know of.


  47. Hi Janice,
    I bookmarked your site eons ago and added you to the blog roll of my site that I just got up and running as a Christmas present from my husband. (Gotta love being married to your own personal IT department.)

    I'm in the final edit stage of my first humor manuscript One Part Gaelic, One Part Garlic, a narrative non-fiction story about love, food and antics in an Irish-Italian family.

    I don't know what aspiring writers did before they had access to sites like yours. Thank you so much for all the great information.


  48. Thank you for letting us promote our blogs. :)

    I've just started a blog about writing. I'm writing my first novel, so I'm sharing my progress, and also looking for a critique group or partners.

    Besides, I also share anything interesting on writing (books, articles, quotes, tips of professionals), and anything fun and inspiring (comics, movies, art).

    My blog is:

    And my twitter:

  49. Hi Janice,

    Cindy Dwyer introduced me to to your blog and it is fabulous! Will be visiting it often and I will add you to my blogroll.

    My name is Rebeca Schiller. I am currently revising/rewriitng my novel for the umpteenth time. I plan to query agents in the late spring. My blog is I blog about my own personal trials and tribulations, but I've recently started to include weekly features that include book reviews on craft and reference books for writers; software that helo writers, Scrivener tutorials, and grammar lesson.

    My twitter handle is @SchillerRebeca and my facebook address is

  50. Buffy, aw, thanks! You sound pretty busy, so good luck.

    Laura, love the blog name :) Starting crit groups is a great idea. I know folks are always looking for them.

    Heather, best of luck on your projects! Sounds like you're off to a great start already.

    Marcia, nice to meet you! Sounds like you have a lot going on, and all good stuff.

    Sarah, welcome to the blog! New or old, it's good to hear from everyone.

    Julianna, you're getting there with that query! You'll be ready soon, I have faith.

    Cindy, I'm married to my IT department as well, so I know exactly what you mean. Such a handy thing to have. The web is awesome for info. I remember paging through books and writer's market and making notes just to send out a query. How times have changed!

    Ceridwen, sounds like fun! Good luck with both.

  51. Janice, thank you so much for your blog. I believe you were the first blog I added to my blogroll. I've learned so much from you.

    My name is Ken Rahmoeller and I'm learning to write by writing a story based on future events at Hogwarts. When I finish that, I plan to write fantasy using my own worlds.

    I have a blog at and my Twitter handle is @chemistken.

  52. Thanks Janice! I've read all three of the Healing Wars books and can't wait for your next book to come out!

    I started a blog a year ago but am still experimenting with it. I post photo-essays and stick figure drawings on Monkey Whimsy (, and tweet through @monekywhimsy.

    Thanks again for doing this!

  53. Hi, Janice! Thanks for the invitation.

    I am a co-creator and regular contributor for Tachyon Punch: It is an electronic magazine featuring essays, short stories, and artwork. One of our most important site components is our flagship webcomic, Patches: The World's Cutest Zombie.

    We're a relatively young site, so we're still building our brand and getting the word out. We really appreciate the opportunity to share!