Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bad Crit! Bad, Bad, Crit: When Critiques Go Wrong

I'm over visiting the  Ladies Who Critique today, talking about bad experiences with crit groups (and the things you can do to both avoid and deal with them). It's a great site for those looking for crit groups, crit partners, or just crits. And it's not just for ladies, so guys, you're welcome to join as well. Come on over and say hello.

A sneak peek...

I’m very pro critique group, so folks often ask me to write about them. This time, I was asked to write about any negative experiences I’ve had. While I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid truly horrible critique experiences, I have had some situations that were less than ideal. Even in a great crit group, problems can arise, and how you handle then can mean the difference between fixing an issue and moving on, or a group falling apart. read the full article here