Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Weird Request

I'd like to interrupt this blog for a bit of marketing selfishness...

So I'm (finally) putting together a media kit for myself, and one of the pages I want to add is for the blog. I have testimonial blurbs for everything else, and I'd like to be consistent. Anyone willing to give me a quote I can add to the kit about the blog? Feel free to add your own blog name or book (if you're an author) if you'd like. I'll add it to the sig, like --Jane Doe, Booklovers blog or --Jane Doe, author of Eek! Zombies!

You can either put it in the comments, or email me if you prefer: janice (at) janicehardy (dot) com.

Thanks guys!

We now return you to the blog, already in progress.


  1. Janice Hardy's blog has been a staple in my writing education. Her posts are always relevant and her archives are full of what writers need to know about the publishing business. I frequently mention her posts on my blog.

    Charity Bradford, Charity's Writing Journey

  2. Janice's blog is my go-to place on the internet for detailed instruction on writing and story development. My favorite element of her posts are the examples, which always perfectly illustrate the point of each post.

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  4. Janice Hardy's blog is an invaluable resource for writers at every stage of the process. She willingly shares her insight and experience in a way that is accessible and welcoming, and I find myself coming back to re-read old posts over and over again.

    Jessica Byam, Jest Kept Secret

  5. How about this:
    I read Janice Hardy's post almost daily because she focuses on the craft of writing. I love that each post contains a detailed discussion of an aspect of craft that includes suggestions and helpful examples to help us improve our writing. I'm always amazed that Janice has such a in depth understanding of how to be a good writer.

    Natalie Aguirre
    Literary Rambles

  6. Janice Hardy's blog is a vast library of writing knowledge. I frequently recommend articles to friends, who then rave about how clear, concise, and helpful the articles are. This is the blog no writer should be without.

  7. Janice Hardy's blog for writers, The Other Side of the Story, is a must-follow. Packed with easy to understand tips about writing and publishing, troubleshooting, advice from guest authors, and an archive of recommended resources, this blog is a one-stop shop for fiction writers at any stage in their careers.

    Lydia Sharp, author
    The Sharp Angle
    Writer Unboxed
    The YA Contemps

  8. Janice Hardy magnificently combines professional knowledge and personal insights on her writing blog, creating an experience not only thrilling, helpful, but absolutely inspiring as well. Brilliant--one of the best writing blogs you can find.

    Julianna Helms
    The Reviews News

  9. The Other Side of the Story is one of the best, if not the best, blogs on the craft of writing.

    Chris Eboch, author of Advanced Plotting

  10. Janice Hardy's blog should be the first port-of-call for emerging writers. I frequently recommend her posts to my editing clients. Even the more experienced among them can benefit from her expertise.

    Satima Flavell, freelance editor
    Reviews Editor, The Specusphere

  11. Janice Hardy provides indispensible writing advice in a clear, fresh manner. The Other Side of the Story has been invaluable to me in honing my own craft and is a joy to read as well.

    Paul Anthony Shortt

  12. You guys rock! That's so much :) (and now I'm all misty-eyed from the nice words)

  13. As a writer who has moved from self-improvement/non-fiction to writing a novel, I have found Janice Hardy's blog indispensable to my craft.

    Jim Grant -author of "It's Time"

  14. I have learned so much from Janice's blog "The Other Side of the Story." Somehow, the perfect advice always seems to come through right when I need it. I consider it one of my most valuable tools in this craft of writing.

  15. Trust Janice, via her blog, The Other Side of the Story, to go beyond the tried-and-true when it comes to offering writing tips and teaching writing craft. She will dig wider and deeper, causing you to consider common topics from new angles, and in the process, to grow as a writer.

  16. Janice Hardy's blog has practical resources for every step of the writer's journey. I have found great value in her articles and come back again and again, using them as worksheets for building my novels.

    Ruth Madison
    Author of imperfect hero romance novels

  17. "Janice tells writers the hard truths, but without denying or disregarding the mixed emotions involved, negative, or positive.

    We need more blogs like this around, and I hope one day mine will be one of them,her open heart is something we all need and deserve."

    Hope that's short enough!

  18. Janice Hardy's constantly updated, well-organised blog has more helpful writing information than every other blog out there. - Wendy

  19. You guys are the best, thanks so much again! Filling all these away for the future :) And for those days when I'm just feeling down, lol.