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Sunday, August 21

I Need a Kitten Fix

We have three cats, which you'd think would be enough, but no. For years we had four, so the house feels a tad empty right now. We lost both our patriarch and the second oldest a few years ago, and only one new kitty has crossed our path since then. We always planned on getting a fourth, but just never found the right one to add to our family.

After nearly three years as a three-cat household, I’m seriously feeling the urge for itty bitty kitty feet.

I’m kinda torn on this, because our cats are currently all really happy. They get along well, each has their own spaces and don’t crowd each other. Who knows how a new cat will affect the pride?

But the youngest could certainly use another playmate. Puck is a rambunctious little guy, and he loves to wrestle. Nikita (our only girl, and a tomboy at that) is happy to play with him, but he wears even her out after a while. Darwin? Well, he’d rather be chased than pounced on (The cat plays tag, I swear. You should see the hubby chase him around the house) and giving the other two another target than him would suit Darwin just fine.

Every cat I’ve ever owned has come to me through fate, so I assume one will either appear and need a home, or we’ll happen across one when we least expect it. But it’s hard not going out to find one. Whenever I see a kitten on TV or online I just want to scoop it up and snuggle it. (I wonder if post-baby moms go through this? Could be my maternal side showing)

And it doesn’t help AT ALL that the hubby put this on my desktop:

Four cat, or not four cat, that is the question.


  1. Yes, post-baby moms go through this. Why do you think we're always scooping up other people's babies?

  2. I love that your husband loves cats as much as you. Sounds like a perfect cat loving match--I say go for four!

  3. Yep, that photo is never going to convince you you don't need another kitten. Is Puck named for the Shakespeare character, or just pucks in general?

  4. If you have the urge, go for it. Some little kitty is waiting for you.

  5. Kitties are so adorable. I miss mine, but she got jealous after my son was born. (I got tired of washing things she peed on like his diaper bag and bouncy seat.) Fortunately friends of ours took her in, and we were all happy. We might get another one someday. Right now we can't have one because of where we're living.

  6. I see everyone is very pro-cat :) Who knows? I might have photos before long of a new addition to the family.

    Chicory, Puck is named after the Shakespeare character. He started off as Dante, but his personality was way more Puck-ish so he was renamed fairly quickly.

    Jaleh, oh that's so sad, but it's nice that you can still see her.

  7. Anonymous12:30 PM EDT

    If you're feeling the urge, it's definitely 4-cat time! I'm in the "grandparent" phase of cat ownership. I loved my old guys dearly, and when they died in their late teens, I just couldn't start again.

    But I still love to get a kitty fix from other people's pets - just the the grandma who loves the grandkids to death and then hands them back with a sigh of relief at the end of the day. :-)

  8. Quick, witty, playful, a bit amoral, but loyal in his own `don't think you can own me' kind of way? Puck really is the perfect name for a cat. :)

  9. I WANT A KITTY TOO!! But I have three little kids. And an old sick dying dog. I can't possibly do a kitty now too. Someday... For now I'll live vicariously through you.

  10. Okay your husband is just cruel to put that on your desktop. I can't imagine having four cats as it was hard to talk my husband into just ONE, but if both love cats so much then I'd say go for it. Lots of kittens out there that need good homes - and playful brothers. :)

  11. If you adopt, adopt from a kill shelter. Plenty of adorable kittens (and grown cats!) are euthanized because there's just not enough room for them all.

    And I LOVE that your cat is named Puck. LOL. When I get a cat, I'm naming it Tybalt.

  12. Tybalt's a great cat name! All our cats have been shelter kitties (or ones we found out on their own)