Monday, May 16, 2011

A Bit of Housekeeping

Apologies to all for being a bit MIA the last week or so. Just one of those weeks where things got away from me. I hope everyone enjoyed some oldies but goodies while I was away.

I'm caught up with comments and back on schedule now, and there's some fun stuff coming up in the weeks ahead. How They Do It Tuesdays is going strong with more fabulous guest authors talking about craft and technique. I also have some interesting info about marketing to the middle grade reader (both on and off line) in the works. There's some fun copy editing tips this week, inspired by my own recent copy editing session for Darkfall. You'll also see more on narrative distance vs telling, POV shifts and figuring out your genre.

I don't think I've done an open call for questions in a while, so if you have questions that need answers or topics you'd like to see discussed, fire away. I got a nice list of ideas recently and the more the merrier.


  1. I got a little mixed up recently about how publishers divide age groups. Does upper middle grade or lower YA really exist and what would those ages be? 12 to 16? Is that age group an easy sell or a turn off for agents? What distinguishes it in particular as opposed to pure YA?
    Also a genre/sub genre run down would be cool with the much talked about 'rules' that go with each genre. Thanks.

  2. I'm looking forward to the coming attractions! :)

  3. Great topic, thanks! My series in in one of those in between age groups, so I know it does exist and have some experience there:)