Tuesday, February 08, 2011

We've Moved! Update Your Bookmarks

Hi everyone.  This is Tom, Janice's in-house tech support guy here. There are a few housekeeping details to update everyone on:

Some Things Change
Along with the complete redesign of the blog coming up shortly, you may also notice that we have a new URL (Universal Resource Locator):

This is really just a cosmetic change so that when asked about her blog, the URL is easy to remember. (storyflip.blogspot.com doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily)

You can update your bookmarks in your browser to the new web address.  Not that anything bad will happen if you don't. The old URL still works.

Some Things Stay The Same
If you already have links or bookmarks to the blog they will still work.

Old links on the web will still work including old links to specific articles.

The only links that would no longer work are those to pages that no longer exist, such as the "About The Author" tab or the "About The Blog" tab which were combined into one "About" tab.

Nerd-Tech-Gobbledygook(if anyone is interested)

A URL is just a pointer. It's an agreement among the various powers that be on the Internet that when a certain collection of letters gets typed into the address bar, that they will go to a specific destination.  Blogging tools assign a name to each blog in this manner, so that there's a way to bookmark blogs you wish to see again.

What we've done is arranged for the blogging tool and our domain host (the people who manage things like domain names and where those names point to) that whenever the old URL is used, it will quietly convert itself to the new URL in your address bar.  So even if you type in storyflip.blogspot.com, your address bar will change to say blog.JaniceHardy.com automatically.

Both URLs point to the same place, so both work, which is why existing links will continue to behave normally.


  1. Cool. I'm a follower and it showed up in my Google Reader without issue. This is great news as I have been considering doing the same thing myself.

  2. If you hit any troubles getting your own conversion set up, drop me a line, I can point you to how it worked for us. It's pretty simple and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

  3. Hi Janice and Tom .. showed up in mine too - but I'll swap over .. - looks a 'clean professional site and design' .. easy to look at .. thanks - good to read and learn from .. cheers Hilary