Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A World Building Workshop

Juliette Wade over at Talk ToYoUniverse is launching an ongoing World Building Workshop. Every week, she'll do a mini-crit/workshop with a submission of up to 500 words. She's looking for submissions now. She has a wonderful world building eye, and I know I find her feedback extremely valuable (she's one of my crit partners) so I highly recommend submitting something to her.

She also has a great post today on POV and pronouns. Nobody explains POV like she does, and I just love it when she gets all technical and breaks out her linguistic mojo. You really understand why POV works like it does.


  1. It's really interesting learning how the blog-webs work. I had no idea Juliette Wade was YOUR crit-partner. I'm going to pay even more attention to her wonderful blog now.

  2. Nice, thanks for the link to her blog!