Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Housekeeping

You might have noticed that I fiddled with the blog again. I like the new background (which is the sky from The Shifter), so let me know if it doesn't display properly on your monitor. I finally figured out how to create the tabs, and more are coming.

I'm currently reorganizing the labels and posts to make them more reader-friendly. I'll be adding a tab as soon as it's done that covers what's under what label so you can pinpoint what you need. The labels are starting to get unmanageable, so this is my solution. I also think when folks need help on something, they're not always sure what to look under, and a little description of what you can find per label will help a lot as well.

The writing stuff is pretty easy to categorize, but the editing is a bit tricky. "Editing" covers so much, as does "revision," and I'd really like to break it down more than that. If you were looking for problem areas, what kinds of things would you look for? This is strictly revisions and editing. The draft is done and now you want to make it better type stuff.

I'm thinking of adding a "common problems" label and grouping stuff like show don't tell, infodumps, passive verbs, etc there. But I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.


  1. can you please tell us how you got the tabs done? I want to get tabs on my blog too but my mushy brain is not complaining. I like the new blog skin BTW

  2. Looks good!! Tabs were hard to figure out! I had to ask another blogger who had tabs how...But it is looking really good around here!

  3. The background looks fabulous!

    Under areas for revision, you could include:

    Checking for pacing, realistic dialogue (something both on voice and avoiding "puppet" dialogue), chapter openings/closings, when to cut an extraneous scene, using your beta's feedback, suspense in all genres, active scenes vs. internal scenes, character arcs, and endings.

    Those are just some suggestions. I love the idea of a Common Problems tab.

  4. I think it's a great idea, Janice and I love the background, especially since I'm reading your story right now :-) I heart Danello already :-)

    As for the tabs, I think another good one to have would be on the various posts you had (based on our suggestions) of the various terminology one hears/sees being thrown around, but might not understand what it is/means. Ex. Purple/flowery prose, info dump, mid-point reversal (my fave LOL) etc.

  5. When I think of editing, I break the components of the ms to the simplest form. Sentence structure, paragraph, spelling, everything that irks me. LOL

    When I think of revision, I think more globally. Plot, arcs, character development etc. I'm probably way wrong. Personally, I need help with how best to edit. I heard starting with last chapter etc. so you're not "reading" it. Stuff like that would help a lot! Not sure if that was info you were looking for.

  6. Thanks all, good stuff. I like the idea of setting it up the same way you'd approach revising or editing. That has a nice flow. I'll play with that and see what I can come up with.

    As for the tabs, in the main page where you write your posts, look for the "Edit Pages" link. It's the third one over. You'll see the big blue "New Page" button there on the left. Just click and it gives you a page like any other post. But it puts it in the tab section.

    I imagine you'd need a template that allows tabs, so you might have to adjust your layout some in the design section.

    I'll have more tabs up soon. I want to do several others, like the definitions of things like "start with action" and stuff we talked about before. And I think a tab for common issues would be nice. And one of the basics of what to do once you've written a novel.

    Melanie, that's awesome, thanks! I kinda heart Danello, too. I'm so glad he decided to become a major character and not just stay a walk-on like I originally planned.