Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Fire Blog Tour Day 8

And a new week is upon us.I'll have an extra post probably later today with pictures from the launch events this past weekend (spoiler: they were awesome), but to get the week started out write, (get it?) here's where I am today!

Monday, October  11
The Writing Cave
Untangling the Webs We Weave
Why revising a series is different than revising a stand alone book.

Danyelle Leafty
(World) Building on a Theme
How theme can help you build your worlds.

Got YA 
Unrequited Writing Love
What do you do when what you love to read, isn't what you're good at writing?


  1. All I can say is -- I'm so impressed with those guest posts! You're a machine! Thanks for stopping by the FNC!

  2. And thanks for having me! I think insane is a better word, LOL. I'm enjoying writing them to no end, but boy I underestimated the work. :)