Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blue Fire Blog Tour Day 6

Today is my only weekend stop (I think). It's was an interesting one to do, because it's a setting thesauraus. Blogger/writer Angela Ackerman has put together a whole slew of these with various settings and details that fit that setting. If you're ever stuck on what to use for a particular setting, you gotta check this site out.

Saturday, October 9
The Bookshelf Muse 
A setting thesaurus for Geveg and Baseer


  1. Actually, you've got a stop at my blog today, since I do my weekly post on Sundays. Your super-informative post on how to conduct a blog tour is now up on my blog at (Now if I could find only somebody to post on how to make a link live in a blog comment. I keep trying, but it always tells me the tag isn't closed.)

  2. I just saw that, thanks! This is why I kept getting confused, I forgot I had two the same weekend. I've got it linked now, though.

  3. Angela has a great blog. I hardly ever comment, but I love her entries. Yours fit so well with her style.

  4. She really does. When I can breathe again I'm going to spend some time poking around over there.