Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue Fire Blog Tour Day 19

Final week of the tour is here! Hard to believe the month is almost over. It's flown by so fast. Does everyone have their Halloween costumes picked out yet? I'm going as my ghost again this year, since last year I only wore it at World Fantasy. None of my local friends have seen it.

Today I'm hanging out at...

Monday, October 25
All Quiet in France
The Long and the Short of it
Are you a novelist or a short story writer? Or both?

Grinding to Valhalla
An interview that shows off my inner geek. Seriously.


  1. Blue Fire came in the mail on Friday! Yay! I'm so excited to read it!
    I haven't dressed up in a costume for a very long time. My dog, however, is usually a victim of some kind of humiliation. I have some picts on my blog today!
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on doing a blog tour.

  2. My name is Cristian and I'm 8 and I LOVE your book, THE SHIFTER.

    Hi, Janice. My son wanted to give you this message.

  3. Hi Cristian! Thanks so much.

    TerryLynn, that Batpug costume is adorable! I also love the Yoda and Leia ones. I wonder if my cats would put up with costumes? Hmmm...probably not.