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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blue Fire Blog Tour Day 13

I managed to slip in one more stop ion the tour, so here's an extra Q&A for the weekend crowd.

Sunday, October 17
Funky Bookstop
A Q&A about the book and magic, and a sneak peek at what I'll be working on next.


  1. heading there now.

    Just to let you know - I go into the the city maybe once every 6 weeks, and I couldn't wait to buy BLUE FIRE. But alas - they were SOLD OUT at Chapters, so I zipped across town to COLES and THEY were sold out.
    Enchanted Ivy was sold out, Personal Demons was too, but I managed to snag the LAST copy of The Scorch Trials. Looks like reading is alive and well in northern Ontario.

  2. Oh no! But I guess it's also good if they were sold out. I hope you find it soon :)