Friday, August 20, 2010

Because it's Friday and We All Deserve a "Wow, That's Cool."


  1. Hm. I think he messed a few of those up, but maybe they're just variants of the tricks my brother does. Er, did. He hasn't had strings for awhile to be able to practice.

    I want to get more yo-yo strings for my brother, now. I miss seeing him play with his off-string yo-yo. (It isn't tied to the string.) Once, an on-string yo-yo became off-string when he was doing Around the World at the library and the string broke... Yeah... Fortunately, the only library workers who saw that one land upstairs were friends of mine.

    Still, thanks for sharing that vid!

  2. Watching that guy made me think of me building a plot. Aaaargh

  3. It did look like he missed a few times, but still. That's amazing. My husband loves to yo-yo (is that a verb?) but he isn't anywhere near this good. I can't even get the silly thing to come back up to my hand, LOL.

    It is kinda like plot, isn't it? Things wound together in a way that captures attention and keeps things moving.

  4. I can't even get the silly thing to come back up to my hand, LOL

    Same. I tried to learn, once. My attempt lasted about as long as my brother's attempt to learn to crochet (so he could spend more time with me).

    Wow. That is kinda like plot. Cool analogy.