Saturday, June 05, 2010

Summer Conests Teaser

Just a little tease that we're on the countdown to my first Blue Fire ARC giveaway. The contest will start July 1st, with the winner being announced July 15th. The prize is a signed ARC of Blue Fire, which releases October 5, 2010. It'll just be the US version this time, as the UK release date was recently changed.

There will be four total contests:

July 1
August 1
September 1
(Winners announced the 15th of each of those months)

And then on October 1, I'll have the final contest for a signed hardcover.

Probably no wild contests this time around, though I might add some silly stuff to help increase your chances of winning on one or two of them. If I were you, I'd start looking for zombie jokes...


  1. Does this mean there are zombies in Blue Fire?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow, I had a lot of typos in the previous post, hence the deletion :)

    Hmm, zombies in space w/ aliens? :)
    On another note, I had a question. You've done some great posts on show vs. tell. I was wondering if you could go into how you describe emotion in first person. In other words, how, without making your MC seem too self aware (unless this is their character) how you describe their physical response to things and then their emotional and mental response all staying in your MC's voice. I find that I'm running low on creativity for describing things like fear with sweat pouring down their face, or hands trembling, etc. Does that make sense?
    As always, thanks for your awesome blog Janice :)

  4. To be honest, I'm not sure what Blue Fire ARC is about ... but contest is contest >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  5. OOO. Contest! I don't know any zombie jokes... I'll ask my friend - he's crazy about zombies!

  6. Zombie jokes, fun. I'll have to think up some oozies.

  7. LOL Jaleh. Love that one!

    Sullivan, no zombies in Blue Fire, it's just something fun to do since zombies are big on the blog. I'd love to do a zombie story actually, but I think that market is full by now :) I'd need a really great idea.

    Cold as Heaven, Blue Fire is the name of the sequel to The Shifter (my book), and an ARC is an advanced reader copy. It's the galley proof that gets sent out to reviews and folks before the book comes out to build buzz. I'll be giving away copies, so winners will be able to read the book before it comes out.

    Shorty, that's a good question and one I don't think I've talked about in a while, so I'll do a post on that next week.

  8. Wait...
    Zombie jokes or ROB Zombie jokes?

    I just need to know what "knock, knock" folder to dust off...

  9. I so hope I win. My birthday is July 15th. It would be the best birthday present.

  10. LOL zombie jokes in general. I'd accept Rob Zombie jokes.

    That would be a cool birthday present, Natalie. :)