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Saturday, April 3

Just Curious...

You might have noticed a poll up today. I was curious who the folks who stop by are, and what level writing skill they're at. While I try to supply a wide range of tips for various skill levels, I thought it might be handy to see where the bulk of the readers fall into. It'll make it easier to writes about topics you guys are most interested in.

Here are the "levels" I had in mind when I wrote the poll:

Just starting out
This is the writer who's just started to write. They haven't done a lot of studying or taken classes, but are just beginning to develop their skills and trying to understand the writing process.

Working on my skills
This is thew writer who has the basics down, and is now trying to learn how to polish their craft. They've read books or taken classes.

Improving my weak spots
This is the writer who knows what they're doing and knows there are some areas they need to develop more. They're very involved with improving their craft and looking for targeted advice in certain areas.

Taking the last step
This is the writer who is submitting work and coming close, and is looking for ways to put that last bit of shine on their work to nudge them into pro level and attract an agent or editor.

Just staying sharp
This is the writer who has sold work and enjoys keeping their skills sharp by reading blogs and staying involved in the writing process.


  1. I suppose I fall into the "last step" category. My MS is done, and I'm editing and polishing before I submit.

  2. Oppsy! I didn't realize I had scheduled this, LOL. Thought it was still a draft. Better get the poll up!

  3. Lovely poll. :) I'm curious how others will answer as well.
    I think I'm a combination of the last two options. I've already gotten the attention of short fiction editors, but still not quite there with agents for my novels. I ultimately went with "just staying sharp". Even though I'm published, I don't *feel* like a pro at all. There is always something new to learn, or some way I can improve.

  4. Lets just say I was just starting out a year ago... Thankfully that phase is gone and over with. I have done so much rewrites, blog reading, learning etc. that I can call myself an expert. JK. But really I am submiting my novel right now. Check out my stats on my blog...I hope not to be posting too many form rejections.

  5. I'm just staying sharp! :) Did you see my announcement of my book deal? :) :) :)

  6. I'm at The Last Step but would love be where you and Beth are! :)

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM EDT

    I'm just starting out: I've been reading books and am currently taking a Fiction Writing class. I'm still trying to find my own writing process. It's a scary but very fun place to be in, taking bay steps. :]

  8. Anonymous2:09 PM EDT

    I put three, but I'm really between three and four.

    Congrats to Beth on her book deal!

  9. There have been times in the past when I've been Taking the Last Step, but now I'm Improving my Weak Spots.

  10. I'm just starting out. I've got a few stories in my head, I just haven't taken the time to write them yet.

  11. Beth got a book deal! That's awesome, big grats! Do tell us all the details and give us links so we can bookmark it for our wish lists!

  12. Hi Janice!

    I'm a new reader. I'm finishing up edits on my 2nd novel (the first one's going to take a long nap) and getting ready to query.

    I'm going to the UCF Book Festival and am looking forward to meeting you!!

  13. I'm improving my weak spots and have learned a lot from your blog. Thanks again.

  14. I'm probably at working at my weak spots. Your posts are really helpful. I've been using the list of words to watch out for to revise my first manuscript and have cut about 800-900 words in the last few days of about 100 pages of my manuscript. Even though it's a lot of work to go through the entire manuscript, it's worth it. Thanks.

  15. I have had short stories and essays published in books and magazines. I have self-published three books -- most recently a mystery. I'm actively engaged in submitting manuscripts. So I guess means I'm bouncing back and forth between the last two categories.

  16. Thanks all! Awesome, Sarah! Can't wait to meet you. Natalie, that's wonderful.