Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Did Ya Hear?

I also forgot to tell ya'll about the other fun places you could find me today! (slaps self in the head)

You can read all about the Big Idea behind The Shifter over at John Scalzi's blog, Whatever.

Find out more about me in an interview at Sierra Godfrey's blog.

And see if you or your characters are running the show over at The First Novels Club.

Thanks for letting me share your space, guys!


  1. Thank YOU for being so generous with your time, Janice! You gave some great answers to questions. Happy release day!

  2. I found you by following a link in Juliette Wade's blog. Congrats on your release!

  3. Need to pick up a copy! I've been waiting for this since Kristin blogged about the cover months ago. Congrats on your release.

  4. It was awesome to have you! People are loving your advice - but no surprise there. Thanks again! :)

  5. Thanks all! And welcome new folks :) Good to have you.

  6. Thanks all :) And welcome new folks. Good to have you.