Friday, March 20, 2009

Cool Stuff in Random Order

I get terrible bouts of insomnia and last night I couldn't sleep. Today I'm a bit fuzzy, so I'm going to post up some fun things and stuff I think is just plain cool that's happened recently.

If you've ever wondered how to deal with serial commas (doesn't that sound like a crazy punctuation killer?), Blood Red Pencil has a great post today about it. This is a pretty cool site overall.

My friend Aliette De Bobard was just nominated for the John Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Totally awesome, way to go Aliette.

My other friend Doug sent me an action shot of him reading Shifter 2 (he's critiquing it now). The photo just tickled me to death. We all need a view like this. (And a bonus...he's loving the book so far, yay!)

For those interested in world building, my buddy Juliette is doing a world building workshop on her blog, TalktoYoUniverse. Another cool blog with great stuff about language, culture and writing.

And on one last random note, Stargate SG-1 fourth season was probably the best. The hubby and I are rewatching it (again) and they really hit their stride that season. Of course, I know the season ends with sadness, but season five does have Jonas, so it balances out. Gotta love that alien kid.

Hey, I warned you this was a random post :)

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