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Monday, February 24

Find the Help You Need, When You Need It

One of the challenges of a site with over 1000 articles is to make it as easy as possible for readers to find what they're looking for when they need it. To make that process easier, the site contents bar (on the left) has been revamped for better navigation.

Within each section are links to pages with a sampling of the most helpful articles on that topic and a link to see all the articles on that topics.

You'll also find the search bar and a complete label listing if you're looking for something more specific. Every writing article is labeled with the topic (or topics) it covers.

Within each article you'll also find links to additional in-depth information on that topic, and we're working to make these links every more helpful moving forward. One of the long-term goals in 2014 is to cross-link every article on the site to make it as searchable and easy to use as possible.

Planning Your Novel

This section covers topics relating to planning a novel, from ideas, to process, to genres and word counts. It's all the details and pieces that typically comes first when planning a novel (and there's even advice for pantsers, who might not want to know all this before hand).
Ideas and Brainstorming
Story Development and Theme
Character Development
Structure and Outlining
Goals, Conflict , Tension, and Stakes
World Building
Word Count
Series and Trilogies

Writing Your Novel

The writing section delves deeper into craft-related topics, such as developing your voice, finding the right balance between dialog, action, and internalization, getting just the right POV and using various techniques to your advantage.
Voice and Style
Dialog and Internalization
Point of View (POV)
Tone and Mood

Common Writing Problems

This section focuses on the problems writers run into most frequently, with tips and advice on how to solve those problems.
Show vs. Tell
Lack of Conflict
Lack of Action
Lack of Goals
Lack of Tension
Lack of Motivation
Lack of Stakes
Stalled Stories

Editing Your Novel

This section focuses on editing, revising, and reworking your novel, from the first look at the first draft to the final polish before it heads off to an agent or editor.
First Drafts
Revision and Editing
Word Choice
Trimming Words
Critiques and Feedback

Selling Your Novel

This section covers the business side, from writing your query letter to finding an agent, or even how to create your own e-book and self publish instead.
Query Letters
The Synopsis
The Submission Process
Marketing and Promotion
Self Publishing

The Writing Life

This section is all about being a writer and the struggles (and celebrations) we all go through in this sometimes challenging business. From inspiration and emotional support, to tips on how to be more productive with your writing time.
Being a Writer
Motivation and Productivity

Regular Columns

These are the regular columns, with guest authors and contributing writers sharing advice and know-how, to readers with writing questions to be diagnosed on the site. If you're interested in submitting to one of these columns, you'll find all the information you need here.
How They Do It
Indie Author Series
Real Life Diagnostics