Thursday, June 01, 2000

The June Newsletter Critique Contest


If you've found this page, then you saw the contest in the June newsletter (if not, then hurry up and subscribe to be eligible for the contest).

This month, enter by leaving a comment about your favorite summertime activity. Contest runs through the end of the month.

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  1. Not sure I'm doing this right, but here goes... my favorite summertime activity is playing whiffle ball with my family at dusk just when the lightening bugs begin to flash.

    1. That works :) Did you also click on the Rafflecopter link above?

  2. Jumping in my motorhome and hanging out at National Parks for weeks on end.

  3. My favorite summertime activity is Pajama Day. When my kids were little, I would designate certain days as "Pajama Day" which meant I was not getting dressed nor putting on my make-up and would not be taking anyone anywhere. I still have those, but now my kids are old enough to take themselves wherever they want. Instead, I do it to keep myself at home!

  4. I have a new favorite activity: taking the kids to the beach for Nippers Surf Life Saving training. The older one does the fun training while her Dad helps out. The little one sand I sit on the sand eating sausages until the session finishes. We all swim afterwards.

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  6. My favorite summer time activity is taking walks to town with my husband and having some refreshing snacks and smoothies afterwards (but being careful not to eat too much or else it's difficult returning home). - Eisen (or FCS)

  7. Summer's the season I get to step up my outdoor running. There are more than 100 miles of biking/hiking/running trails in the next county, and this summer, I aim to cover every mile!

  8. I love summer. Walking along the beach, exploring new trails in the forest, and visiting friends are all great. But my favorite activity is writing outside on my deck.