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Sunday, August 14

How Video Games Got Me Out of the House. No, Really.

The hubby and I got a PlayStation Move last year. (One of those console game controllers where what you do translates to the game, so to swing a sword you actually have to swing the “sword” controller). We had the friends over and spent a lot of time with the various sports games the Move controllers come with. And a weird thing happened.

We wanted to try the games in real life.

Two in particular really stuck with us. Bocce ball and Frisbee golf.

For the record, I rock at PS3 bocce ball. I think my skee-ball addiction really pays off there.

On a fluke, the hubby found the bocce ball game set online at and bought it. We had a blast. He even took it with him to visit his mother, and they had so much fun with it he left it there. We had to get a new one, but it was well worth it.

Frisbee golf was a fluke as well. The boys (the hubby and his bud) loved it on the game, but us girls didn’t much care for it. But one day, the hubby and I were at the new park near our house, and we saw they had – gasp – FRISBEE GOLF!

Well, we had to call the friends right then and there and ask if they’d play real Frisbee golf. I believe the response was “Hell yeah!” So we got a set of discs (they don’t call them Frisbees). I was very bummed that lime green wasn’t an available color, nor was pink, but hey, I can live with that. The bright yellow was easier for me to find in the weeds anyway. (Which it landed in a lot)

Frisbee golf is a lot more work than bocce ball, and we probably shouldn’t have started playing it during a horrible heat wave (in the park in 95 degree weather? Not so fun), but it’s more fun to play for real than the PS3.

They actually have different weight discs like putters and drivers! You can even buy a disc bag to carry and switch out your discs like golf clubs depending on what you need to do. That’s a little fancy for us considering getting the discs to go anywhere near where we actually aim is still a challenge. But it is something to strive for. I do enjoy my accessories.

I never would have thought a video game would get me out of the house, but it really did. I highly recommend the on and offline versions of the games.

And skee-ball on the Wii is pretty cool, too.

What are your favorite games, on or offline?


  1. I'm a huge board game fan -- 7 Wonders or Settlers of Catan? Yes please! Outside, I mostly go for walks (kids + stroller = quiet time), though badminton and croquet are both excellent. I don't have to be any good to enjoy them. :)

  2. I don’t play games any more… before I started writing and reading I used to be on the computer A LOT.

    I used to love: Guild wars… command and conquer… railroad tycoon 2…. Age of mythology, titans… Rome total war… the list could go on.

    But now, I read, write and revise… that’s become my life.

  3. Good for you! I've always wanted to try bocce ball. They used to play frisbee golf on campus a lot when I was an undergrad. One of the targets was the tree outside my apartment window. I had lots of frisbees on my roof, I'll tell you!

  4. I love table tennis, and your post reminds me of how I used to download table tennis games, and after feeling unimpressed, went outside and played the actual game instead! Otherwise, the only 'computer' games I play are casual mobile ones like Bejeweled, Tetris and jumping games.

  5. I'm terrible at Mario Kart Wii, but in real life I'm an excellent driver :)

  6. Aside from playing on the PS3 from time to time lately (Dungeon Siege 3) it's been a while since I've played a computer game. Which for me is uprisings since I'm a big gamer. But it s nice to not be stuck at a monitor all the time.

    MK, we've been getting back into board games a little, though we do like to play cards. We've gotten pretty hooked on Canasta and Munchkin.

    Laura, LOL I can picture those Frisbees now,